Echoes of the Goddess

In collaboration with Louise Bell 11 original songs and instrumental pieces with influences from all around the world.

EOTG Front Cover

“A pair of superb female voices can be heard on Echoes of the Goddess. Commissioned to accompany an illustrated book on birthing, the CD stands alone as a series of mood pieces inspired by 11 ancient feminine archetypal figures, the goddesses of the title. They range from the well-known (Hindu Lakshmi and the Greek Gaia) to the obscure (Inuit Pukeenagak). The singers, who also share composing duties, are Ganga Karen Ashworth and Louise Bell. While the music is calming, there is still an adventurous spirit about the recording. I like the combination of subtle sounds with traditional instruments – harp, djembe, bodhran, singing bowl. And the way the lush production is shot through with powerful chants and vocalisations. In its own modest way, this album follows the lead of Deva Premal, bringing the ancient tradition of female chant into the 21st century.”

Geoff Wood

The Rhythm DivineABC Radio National